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Clear sealing assists in providing stain protection for grout.   We use quality DryTreat and AquaMix sealers, which we believe are the best on the market. Unlike sealers that ‘coat’ the grout, our sealers penetrate deep into the grout closing off the pores making it less porous and providing stain protection. Perfect for sealing newly installed grout.

We are an accredited applicator for DryTreat and can provide a 15 year warranty! Grout sealing Perth.

We have market leading products to transform your tile and grout so it looks like new, and with our range of sealers, keep it that way! As market leaders, Tile & Grout Cleaning Perth are accredited applicators for a range of premium sealers. You have spent a large amount of money on your floors, why not protect them with the best!

We can make your shower glass look like new again. We have extensively researched products to restore glass and protective coatings to keep it looking great. We use premium nanotechnology to protect recovered glass. We also can restore and protect glass pool fencing. 

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